Over the years as Liz has been a vendor and a friend, she has a sense of integrity and she encourages all of those around her to greater things. She is a mentor to others, especially in her organization and a person who is constantly “doing” the right thing to raise the bar. She manages her business as an extension of herself with a strong focus on friendship and service always identifying another dimension of service through her professional interactions. Her focus and ability to network and influence diversity and inclusion has also been paramount in helping organizations (profit or non-profit) think differently to achieve better results.

  • Vice President
  • Fortune 500 Company
  • 2 days ago

Carolyn, Liz – thank you so much for all your help – the shirts turned out GREAT!!



As always, pleasure working with all of you!


  • Sr. Executive Administrator, Fortune 500 Company
  • Nov 20

Congrats on your work anniversary, Liz! I have sincerely appreciated reconnecting with you and of course your continued support these years at my new company. Your continued success since establishing Keystone is a testament to your commitment to being a true partner. Congratulations, and wishing you ongoing growth and success.

  • Corporate Tech Manager, One of Top 100 Global Brands
  • Nov 06

"Carolyn really worked hard on this project and provided great service!" 

  • Head of Distribution Requirements Planning Procurement
  • Oct 22

I trust Liz, she is a great Brand champion, so ok to produce

  • Branding Manager
  • Fortune 100 Company
  • Sep 26

Loved my stylus pens, delivered on time and looking great. Just what I wanted!

  • Elizabeth
  • May 23